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Michael A. McClure L.Ac.

Michael McClure seemed to be destined to work in medicine, both his parents work in the medical field as well as his grandfather. The type of medicine he starting studying was not what you may be thinking. Mike is an acupuncturist who started McClure Acupuncture and has been studying the skill for 8 years.


Early Career

Mike was a bit skeptical of acupuncture when he first heard about it, but become more interested and convinced of the practice after seeing and hearing people’s experiences of success. The other way he was drawn into acupuncture was the simplicity. When we say simplicity we do not mean the actual skill of acupuncture. Mike explains that unlike medical doctors dealing with the ever changing insurance programs and the patients looking to just take a pill to mask the pain, acupuncture works to heal not only the pain, but also the problem.


The Rewards

Mike explains how acupuncture comes with many perks and rewards, both internal and external. “You can tell when someone is thanking you and then you can tell when someone is really thanking you, and my patients are really thanking me” he says. Not only does he get to help others, he also has time for other activities. “In a lot of medical professions there is very little time for friends and family, but being in acupuncture comes with a great work-life balance.”



Just how Mike was sceptical of acupuncture, he also deals with patients who may not be fully convinced it will work. “My favorite patients are the ones who are skeptical, they are the ones that really show how well acupuncture works.” On the business side, Mike understands that there are times when a customer has to be directed another way. “I try to be very open with people and explain the process. I will give every patient a chance to be treated, but sometime their priorities and expectations are not where they should be.”


Mike continues to be active in advocating acupuncture as a practical healing method. “It’s been around for thousands of years so obviously there must be something to it” he says. Mike says that if people are still skeptical, look at the animals that have had acupuncture. “You hear about the placebo effect, but when animals have been helped and healed through acupuncture it shows just how helpful this treatment is.”

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